Resetting USB

D’s machine annoyed the hell out of me yesterday while I attempted to get the stupid slab of plastic working and I never realised just how slow it was – but then I’m not comparing apples with apples when looking at mine. Anyway, cleared it of crap, cleared the registry, checked startup and defragged. Still slow. Off out to get some memory and she’s now jumped from 256 to 764. Much much speedier (faster than mine even). It was working fine. I start adding the bits back into the sockets at the back. Machine resets. I think it’s my doing something internal so I open it up but it’s all good. Reboot – it gets past the login screen, Messenger starts, small click. Reset. I watch it do this. Pulling wires in / out finds it’s the USB hub. Plug that in – system resets. Not in – all is good. Very odd. It’s a main USB socket where most PC’s have then high at the back. The connection isn’t wobbly. The webcam does not reset it. The USB hub isn’t powered. System logs show nothing odd. Very odd indeed.

I knew it was her, I knew he’d do that, I still think he’s dodgy and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. I have no idea what Season Two is about. Yet.

Still not broken anything.

4 thoughts on “Resetting USB

  1. I plugged a USB hub into my son’s computer one day and it blew the motherboard. Needless to say I was one unpopular mother. And needless to say the thing went straight into the rubbish.

    He did get an upgraded motherboard and video card out of the whole event. So there was a silver lining to that particular cloud!

  2. I am having terrible time with WP2 and have not been able to contact you because I had to reinstall Windows do to hard drive failure, lost my email, my music library, my tags and images etc. Can you email me when you have time? =)

    Also, season 1 of 24 is the best season ever. Seasons 2 and 3 were okay, but slightly annoying and season 4 was great. Season 5 so far is really good too =) IMO.

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