Something for the weekend

– watch the last 4 episodes of the first season of 24
– install 1.5.3 beta-1 here and see if it explodes
– try this touch-typing thing some more
– watch Lord of War
– dump a load of feeds and find some interesting ones
– upgrade a number of blogs
– watch the F1 and wait for DC to rate his chances as good (annual useless event)
– tell people that ‘Ajax’ was actually the name of the flushing toilet
– try to get into the Giant’s Castle in KoL again. (I’m stuck in a loop I think)
and now it’s time for the dog and me to tramp through the local countryside…

6 thoughts on “Something for the weekend

  1. I watched the very first season of 24 when it came out but found it a bit of a struggle towards the end. I remember being slightly disappointed with the finish but more relieved that it was over. I’ve never watched any of the follow-ups. What day are they on now anyway?

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