Shuffling off

Unless D can find the guarantee, I will buy her a new mp3 player to replace the useless ipod shuffle she has.
If I do buy her a better machine (better=not ipod) I will then do this:

  1. Place a skewer between the top of a wall and a brick so it protrudes outward
  2. Place ipod shuffle on end of skewer
  3. Direct flames at ipod shuffle until it burns and melts
  4. Film it

The above might give you just a flavour of how frustrating I find that little slab of cheap chinese plastic.

Edit: Can someone lend that Apple Co. some bandwidth ? I’m getting a speed of only 25Kb/s …

9 thoughts on “Shuffling off

  1. To ‘restore’ this thing, I need to download a 45MEG file from Apple – and then install it, then reboot. All to shove a tiny filesystem in there ? It’s a frigging joke is that. Apple products on Windows machines dont work here.
    I’d rather spend money on something that does not hook me or her into some evil proprietary format.

    Creative Zen.
    Install discs needed: none. Software needed: none. Does it work? Everytime.

    And this isn’t an ‘Apple’ thing as much as a ‘plastic lump that doesn’t bloody work’. The logo is incidental.

  2. The shuffle is a piece of shit, always was. The nano and regular ipod are nice though.

    I never understood why anyone would buy a shuffle – they look, feel, act, and behave like a retarded gibbon fluffer that has been covered in off white plastic.

    I know many people that love their Nano’s – oh and the Creative brands? Great until something goes wrong with them (which, if my friends are anything to judge by.. is about 50/50 chance). If something does go wrong Creative will basically tell you to swivel, if they respond at all.

  3. When you say no software needed, is that to say then that the firmware is not updatable? That it’s “stuck” with what it’s got? I did notice on several other creative products, several software titles are listed.
    Also, am I assuming then that the item didn’t come with a cd? I thought they did, with the software on it. (Guess I’m sounding like that Mac apologist now, huh 😉 )

  4. miklb – as slh says, you just plug it in. And yes the firmware is updateable BUT – and this is a really important bit – Creative said “Hey, this does Plays For Sure if you update” which is DRM locking. They also say “The update is not crucial”. So people like me didn’t update.

    Compare that to Apple …..

    Either way “retarded gibbon fluffer”. Yep, that’ll do 🙂

  5. Mark , my creative zen touch has managed to last about a year and a 1/2 with me, the case has so Meany dents and scratches I’m wondering what it is made out of because i haven’t had a problem with it. even when it fell out of my pocket when i cycling. all i had to do was to reset the thing and it worked fine.. hadn’t destroyed any mp3’s or anything .

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