Feed repetition

This image goes some way to showing what is really annoying me with some feeds – repetition.

A coloured dot = more than one article. It appears that the war criminal Milosevic died 6 times today and other events occurred multiple times. But they didn’t. The ‘development’ of a story may only have been one word change but they change that feed again and again with no real regard. It’s as if they just want to be first with the words every time and be damned about the cost – and here’s me thinking that one effect of RSS use was bandwith saving. While that may be true for the bloat that is CNN and many of the news networks, it looks like they are keen to claw back that saving by over-doing the RSS instead. I just updated the feed – and keeping the original article open in one window, I clicked the new Milosevic story. There was not a single letter difference. None. Two feeds for the one story. Why?

It’s not my reader – it respects the unchanged flag with blogs that use that. It’s the organisation behind it keen to push to my reader, keen for me to click through and then keen for me to swallow their politics and click their ads. It’s got very little to do with breaking news. That I can understand and the stories do change and deepen. But this is repetition for it’s own sake.

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