Do not stop complaining

Gordon has posted an article called Stop your complaining and while I can see the reasoning behind the post, I totally disagree.
I would hope that most of us are aware that someone else is always worse off, someone else has just been given the shit end of the stick and while that’s not good for them it does no-one else any good to stop being themselves. Events through the UK and the world right now will be bad for someone, but does that mean I shouldn’t complain about something in my life? Something that to you may appear trivial but as you are getting only a tiny fraction of the story may be of importance to me – don’t forget, straws don’t weight much but the last one had a profound impact.
It’s also about blogging. Khaled posted about the immediacy of blogging and I certainly post in an immediate fashion. I don’t draft. I write what I want when I want. It’s also the type of writing I want to read. And those sorts of posts include rants, raves, praise, brickbats. After all, if we can’t moan and rant because it’s nothing in comparison to the pain of others then surely we shouldn’t say how happy we are either?

We can’t start wondering about the feelings of people we do not know – because we could not stop.

If by blogging about something you relieve some tension / frustration or anger then blog what you need to. It’s your life, your thoughts and your blog. Say it as you see it.

9 thoughts on “Do not stop complaining

  1. I think I’ll have to do a more considered followup, maybe. I’m not saying that anyone’s problems aren’t huge to them, nor am I saying people shouldn’t rant or moan if they need to (therapy anyone?). Just that when I wrote that I was in the frame of mind I described.

    Life would be very boring if we couldn’t rant or moan.

    And anyway, who the hell am I to tell anyone what to do!

  2. I’d have to give up blogging all together if I stopped complaining. I feel so much better after venting about some nitwit who cut me off, or about not being able to find a ringtone that just rings. Complaining about wordpress and php errors is second nature on my blog, no one in my circle of friends would know what I was talking about.

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