Improving the usb page

It now covers xampplite (which comes in at only 96MB), mentions a possible port clash and cure and also how to remove the feeds (I just copied over the wp-admin/index.php which I’ve been using for months). If you wanted to know, Gallery2 also installs without a hitch using a full xampp and that weighs in at 226MB.

In other news:
– Pepsi Max Coffee Cino is great. I want loads more 🙂
– my wrist really stings when touched (D is 15. She’s 16 in a few months…. you know when someone – usually a child – comes up to you and says “When I do X, it hurts” and your natural response is “Well don’t do X then!” ? D still does that. I don’t know why but when she does say that I find it very amusing.)
– Crap Cleaner. I mentioned the no update thing ? Head over to the home page, click on Downloads, then on ‘Other builds’. The ‘slim’ download has attacked the cache and the registry here and I then rebooted with no problem. It’s also a third of the main download size.
– I bought XPlay for D and her iPod Shuffle. No joy. Crash city. It’ll be something weird with her machine no doubt. But MediaFour have said I can have my money back. Once I’ve printed the PDF out and sent it to them promising the ‘electronic destruction’ of the code and the serial. ‘Electronic destruction’ – I’ll delete it very firmly. Twice. 🙂 Still, nice of them to do that.

Lyric of the month. For no reason whatsoever apart from the fact I still think it’s a superb album.

The world is changing day to day,
Moves so fast, it leaves them in another time.

I was listening to it today on the bus back from town and picturing how it would work as a stage musical and I’m sure it would do…..

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