Where’s the soap?

An article in yesterday’s Guardian Unlimited claims that

Doing ‘brain exercises’ such as watching Countdown, playing Sudoku or taking a shower with your eyes closed can make us all up to 40 per cent cleverer within seven days

Guess which one I’ll be working on ?

They add:

But an increasing body of scientific opinion holds that you can take steps in your life to actually improve your brainpower by, for example, …working on your spatial awareness

So I lie in bed, with my eyes closed and become spatially aware as I picture the side of the bed, the pillow, the room I am in. And that will make me cleverer ? Cool. I can handle that 🙂

One suggestion though:

using your computer mouse with your ‘wrong’ hand for an hour a day

I need to do this. A combination of very poor typing skills + posture + using the mouse a lot is now making itself felt in my right hand. It’s talking warnings right now …. painful ones too.

One thought on “Where’s the soap?

  1. Liking the idea to use the mouse with a different hand. I’ve also considered, in times past, having a ‘stand up’ desk (probably not permanently) to offer a changr of scenery for my back and neck muscles.

    Hmmm, thinking cap back on.

    And I typed most of this post with my eues shut.

    *eyes open and only two spelling mistakes, wow!*

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