Today I have been getting it done at bloody last 🙂
‘it’ being silly bits that build up. Nothing big enough to jump into but neither quick enough to just rattle out so it sits waiting. And then another task joins it. They form a squad, then a battalion and they seem unbeatable in their numbers and their diversity. Until you have a GIDABL (snappy eh ?) day and you take them to bits one by one. I think … just think … that by tonight I will have nothing at all left. Nice 🙂

I did a scary thing a while ago. I cleared all Firefox cookies, all IE cookies, all saved form information and all passwords. Completely. Shadow and myself have been setting up the new domain and transferring clients from the .net site. What with that, the new cpanels and IP addresses and playing with other software I began to wonder if weirdness I was seeing could be due to some information overload – so it’s all gone and I await with interest to see just where I will be locked out of 🙂
One note: If you are using Crap Cleaner 1.26 do NOT update. The newest version installs just like the old one but buried in the EULA is the yahoo toolbar. I can see why the developer will go down that route but it’s a sneaky move by not giving a clear option.

2 thoughts on “GIDABL

  1. Ta for the headsup on Crap Cleaner, shame he’s taken that route.

    I too have similar GIDABL days, and it’s quite liberating to have that “must get done” list down to the bare minimum. Mine was 30 or so long and now has 3 items in it after spending yesterday tackling the wee silly things.

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