7 thoughts on “Zen

  1. Good news on the Zen front indeed. I am currently on the 2GB connection unlimited downloads. I checked my usage for the last three months which are:- Your usage stats for February were 20GB
    Your usage stats for January were 28GB
    and from 20th till the end of December your usage was 18GB. So on those figures I guess it will be the pro account with 50GB limit and a £1.00 a gig there after. The dilemma is would I be better off staying on 2GB unlimited or move to 8GB capped 50GB, same price for both. Oh what am I to do?

  2. Jesus butt-fragging Christ! 28gig? Do you just sit there downloading DVD iso’s?

    I mean… I probably COULD get through that much, but after a month or two I’d have run out of things to download… unless I decided to sync up to wiki-pedia every month or something nuts..

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