Natwest again

“Hi this is Natwest, how can I help you?”
I’d like a bank statement up to, including but not beyond 7 Feb
“That’s no problem sir. There is a charge of £5 for that”
Not a problem. I need the statement.
“I’ll get that sent today”


A week later
“Hi this is Natwest, how can I help you?”
I was told I could have the statement and I paid for it. Could I please be sent the correct one?
“I apologise for the mistake sir, I will ensure that the statement you need is sent”


And another 7 days passes
“Hi this is Natwest, how can I help you?”
I asked for a statement. You charged me. You got it wrong. I asked again. You got it wrong again. I need this statement so can I have that please?
“I’ll pass you to Customer Care”

“Hi, I understand you want this statement?”
Yes. I explain all over again
“We can’t do that sir. You cannot have what you want. Only copies, not what you want”
So with all your technology, all the computers monitoring worldwide financial markets and a customer base of far too many people, you cannot print ink onto a piece of paper in the way I want?
“No sir”

AGAIN Natwest staff LIE. They really must be a bunch of f*cking incompetents.

According to this bank, any and all telephone calls I make to them become the property of the bank. I am NOT allowed a copy, I am NOT allowed to be given a transcription, I can go into a bank to listen to it but I CANNOT record what I hear and I CANNOT take someone with me to transcribe it.
I can’t yet find this in their “Data Protection compliant policies” though to be honest I’m so fed up of being screwed by these idiots I think I’ll just move elsewhere. Every time I have rang online banking I have been lied to. Every single time. Life was easier when I wasn’t allowed a bank account…

Edit again:
Because of the nature of the complaint, the Banking Ombudsman send me to the Financial Services Authority. They state that at the very least I should get a transcription of the phone call. They say I should contact the Data Protection Officer or Dept at Natwest. She wonders for a second if they would have one – but we agree that an organisation that size should have.
I phone Natwest again. This time I deliberately choose the wrong option in the phone menus and then ask for a Supervisor. I tell my tale. She has to call me back. The Royal bank of Scotland group do not provide copies of any telephone calls, or precis of such calls or transcriptions of such calls. The telephone calls fall outside of the Data Protection Act and therefore they have their own rules. I called her on that and asked if their phone system was digital or pre-digital. She declined to answer. I told her that I would be in touch with the Ombudsman and the FSA because I believe the group to be wrong. She stated again that the bank had those rules. I now await a call back from the FSA.
………the fact is, the original banking decision (the ‘No’) is something that while I may disagree with it, I can understand it. Had they said No and stayed at No I’d have wandered off. But there is a lie here. And the lie was compounded by the other errors. Fact is that the outcome of even what I am doing now will do me no favours nor any harm, but it’s now principle. They say I cannot. I believe they are wrong. But no matter which side of that I fall, customer care is an oxymoron when used with Natwest. The Natwest Bank have no clue how to train their staff. They have no clue how to educate them properly when things go wrong and if I can’t trust them to get such basic elements like that right, why should I trust them with anything else ?

3 thoughts on “Natwest again

  1. I call bullshit. If they are saying that it is DIRECTLY AGAINST the Data Protection Act.

    It doesn’t matter if they have policies or not, they are bound by the act. If they hold data on you they MUST give you a copy – MUST. There is no argument here. It’s the same as you asking for any other information that they hold about you.

    Amusingly the same law means you can demand copies of any CCTV footage they have of you. They also must do this within a specified time-frame. They are allowed to charge a fee (no more than £10… I think) for “processing” costs or similar though.

    But yes. Bullshit. They are breaking the law.

  2. I got debit card fraud on my account and natwest insist that all my calls are recorded but when I ask for a copy of the telephone calls I was told I would have to pay a £35 fee and wait 8-12 weeks. I was offered a gesture of good will while the matter was looked into. They have taken the GOGW back saying it was only to tied me over now please define what a gesture of good will would mean to you readers out the.

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