Jowell in the trough too.


her husband did not tell her about a £344,000 gift he had received.

They have SO much cash that this isn’t an issue ?

her husband had received a sum of money in September 2000 “which he thought he had reasonable grounds to believe was a gift”.

WHAT ? Okay, me first !
“Dear Santa, for Christmas this year, here is my list of gifts I want…..”

Jowell said ..””Well it’s not up to me to comment on the fine print of these things.”

WHAT ? You are a minister FFS. You should do EVERYTHING perfectly.

The lying one continues…. “But I also want you to know, I have a lot of support and sympathy from very many people in public life, from the prime minister down.”

Jeez… who the hell tells you this ?

Tony Blair has cleared Tessa Jowell….

AH..right.. okay… cool. So you ARE GUILTY THEN.

Please, no matter what, it’s the turn of the Tories to lie to us and bribe their way through 4 years. Blair has had his face in the trough for too damn long.

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