Sir George Mathewson

Dear Mr Mathewson,
As the Chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland who own National Westminster Bank, as the person who is accountable for the actions and inactions of the bank staff, how does it feel to be running a show where at least 2 of your staff have lied blatantly to me, where 3 of your staff have charged me for documents that they have failed to send, where I am denied the right to listen to a recorded telephone call because in that call the bank staff clearly and plainly lied to me, where your staff opened an account without telling me the full details of that account and where your Customer Relations Team is no such thing because they say my complaint has been closed as it has been resolved. I neither get an apology or any offer of compensation or my original request. A request which was very very small but would have made an amazing difference to me and what I could do. How does it feel to be in charge of that pathetic shower of liars ?

Mr Mathewson, the Natwest Bank is actually a bunch of lying bastards isn’t it ? And you are chief motherf*cking bastard aren’t you ?

Natwest. We f*ck you over because we can.

(Edit: And before someone says ‘Ombudsman’, when you’ve fought and taken issues to the number of Ombudsmen that we have (Insurance, Banking, Parliamentary) you realise that such organisations are a sop to the public and just suck it up however it comes from the industry they work for.)

3 thoughts on “Sir George Mathewson

  1. A truly sad story, Mark!

    Ombudsman is Swedish word and institution, that should take care of the iterests of the abused individual. Employed by gouvernment, the Obudsman should stand up to authorities as well as big companies, including banks. They should really work for you!

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