Is scheduling posts a con ?

If you see a post here, then I clicked Publish at the time it says on the post. I was really here writing just before that. It’s as real-time as you get. If I’m not here, there will be no posts. I did test future posting once when I scheduled a “VOTE !” post for 7am on whenever the last election was. That was as much a test as anything else. But I read a post earlier from someone who I know for a fact is not in front of their machine.

Future posts … I can’t decide if they are a bad thing or not.

  • They make a blog look more consistently active than it may be


  • If you have ads it can drive regular traffic

but for a personal blog it seems to be a deception to me. It’s like someone wanting to talk to me later and leaving me a tape of their words – but they want me to comment, they want a ‘conversation’ and that’s a con. But does it matter ? Yes, no, I don’t know but seeing posts when I know they are not there is a con to me. It’s wrong on a personal blog. It’s putting an IMpersonal in there.

3 thoughts on “Is scheduling posts a con ?

  1. For a personal blog future post can be nice if you write a series of article, and you wanna give them to your readers and a scheduled basis, for example you have a personal tech blog and you want give a tip of the day about something, future post would be usefull allow you write them all at once and then schedule the publish time day by day.

    Same if a day you realize you have 3 or 4 post, maybe long post, and publishing them all at once sound a bit heavy for readers.

    For personal blog it’s a feature not so much used but having it is nice…

  2. The only time I’ve stacked up entries is in my photos blog where I just post photos.

    My personal blog only gets updated when I have something to say which isn’t always everyday. If I have to sit down and spend half hour thinking about what to write, then it’s not worth writing about.

  3. I use future posts for two reasons.

    1. I try and limit myself to one ‘post’ a day. These days I’m only writing one post a day but if I end up writing two I schedule it for the next day, knowing I’ll be there to respond to comments.

    2. If I’m going on holiday. But I WILL state that I’m not there and that the posts will be automated.

    I agree this could be used for dubious reasons but I disagree that “you should be there when you post”. That’s just nonsense. You CAN’T be there all the time so what difference does it make? I can’t respond to comments left by American readers as I’m asleep.

    Or have I mis-read your point (entirely likely… too much caffeine.. buzzzzzz)

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