How The Times lives

In an article today, the raising of the duty free limit is covered. In there, it states that the current €175 is being raised. It also says:

The current limit of €175, set in 1994, has been widely derided in Britain as ridiculously low, being little more than the price of two quality shirts or an ordinary watch.

€175 is £120. A shirt at £60 each ? I could maybe understand that one (at a great big push) but an “ordinary” watch at £120 ? No way. A very quick look at H Samuel shows over 300 watches below £100 and there will be other shops the same, so and “ordinary” watch at that price ? Grief, how the other half live eh ?
(I use a Swatch Skin Chrono. Not over £120)

7 thoughts on “How The Times lives

  1. I do think the limit is way to low, especially if you’re buying designer stuff. It’s like duty free on the plan, I buy things I normally wouldn’t be able to afford if I had to pay taxes on it. I’m not a frivolous spender, but I’d think nothing of dropping 120 on a pair of boots.

  2. That much on boots ? I think I spent half that on some heavy shoe-type boots about 6 years ago and I still have them (wearing them now actually). There is just no way at all ever I justify spending anywhere close to even 60 on an item of clothing. Not for me. No way. And designer ? Nope. Labels mean diddly to me.

  3. The watch thing is a bit exagerated. If they had used a term like “decent” or “reasonable quality” then that’s fair.

    H Samuels is shite, sells shite, and the watches there are mostly shite. Cheap watches are cheap for a reason, generally anyhow.

    To get a watch of any sensible quality you are looking at around 100, not that I a) pay that much or b) wear a watch, but it is true.

    Hell my coat cost that limit 🙁

    And a walk down any high-street will prove the shirt thing true. £45+ for an “average” shirt is about right 🙁 sadly.

    Then again I was in Selfridges the other week – £350 for a tie. Fuck that.

  4. The time is the time, but a watch isn’t always just a watch.

    I know what you mean about finances, and I agree that the prices quoted are a little high, but they are in the upper part of what (sadly) is concidered “average” – if you are looking for average -> good quality.

    It’s like Tesco’s – they do sell bread that costs 10p a loaf, but there’s a big difference between that bread, and the bread that costs £1.10, and thats without even looking at the “designer” and speciallist breads.

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