Would patients please swear ? Thanks !

NHS staff abusers ‘face big fine’. Abuse staff and you could be fined. Good. Though this will ONLY apply to general hospitals and those judged to be “not mad”. Psychiatric and Learning Disability nurses will continue to put up with high levels of abuse and violence. Back to the news…. patients swear, patients get fined, hospital bosses promise that money raised will go toward “improving services”. Higher managers see this trickle of income so cut the budgets of those departments (or hospitals) by the same amount as the income. All of a sudden, it needs staff to be abused and threatened. If it were to place controls in situ to help not only would that alone cost it would also reduce the problem (happier staff !) but reduce the potential income (unhappy managers !). The managers will win of course.
This is income generation. Nothing more.

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