Spoons and rims

Today I decided to ‘unmothball’ the bike. So it’s had a good clean, puncture mended, new chain, seat repaired, brake cables sorted and lights removed. The nearest cycle shop does a full service for £30 (ex. parts) which would be very good value – I had a bike serviced a few years ago and the difference is marked. Down to me this year though. So right now it has some oil seeping (hopefully) into all the right (hopefully) parts and tomorrow – assuming not raining – I’ll fully test the cables. I really do hope the cables are okay – one of the most obtuse things in the world are bike cables. I think I’ll need to buy some proper cable lube though.
Spoons. I couldn’t find two spoons to take the tyre off (well, spoons I’d not get told off for using) so a screwdriver and a cake slice did the job 🙂 Because I knew I’d got a flat I bought a puncture repair kit. And wow haven’t they changed ! (Note the space before the ! 🙂 ) When I was a teenager, in a kit would be the ‘Vulcanising Solution’, some fine sandpaper, several patches, a little cube of french chalk and a small wax crayon to mark the hole once found. Today I found no chalk and no crayon. Do they intend to make finding and keeping the hole in sight so much harder ? Do they also intend that we glue our inner tubes to the tyres so causing more purchases ? Those little items are essential (remember the small rough patch on the reverse of the kit box for rubbing the chalk against ?). Why did they go ? They’ll be making self-adhesive patches and doing away with the glue next ! Luckily for me, the hole I needed to patch was not only large but also easy to find by studying other landmarks on the tube. And for chalk – I was in the kitchen so I used several pinches of flour 🙂 ).
Tomorrow I ride, and maybe even fit the utterly pointless rear “what’s the point” mudgard.

4 thoughts on “Spoons and rims

  1. That’s the stuff !!!!!

    I was stood in the kitchen, hands covered in oil, white spirit, stinking of rubber and holding this inner tube. I knew there was something I could put on it but I couldn’t recall what it was – so I plunged my hand into a bag of flour 🙂 Talc …. now why didn’t I think of that ?

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