123-Reg. Bunch of Muppets

Considering 123-Reg.co.uk ? Don’t. Avoid them.

Last December I moved domain registrars for this domain and D’s – also a .uk – to 123-reg. I can’t recall exactly why I moved them then, but I did. Just after moving, I tried to ‘Opt-out’ from the WHOIS database that Nominet keep so my privacy would be a little higher. Despite the system saying I was successful, it was not. I tried several times and each time it said all was good it was not. So I emailed their support – they said it was broken and to give it 24 hours. So I did. It was still broken.
I’m fairly good at writing down how things went wrong and how I can repeat it (must be all that hanging around in forums..) so I detailed precisely what I was doing and emailed again. Muppet#1 at 123-Reg sent me a reply which told me how to Opt-out – it was exactly what I had written. 123-Reg have a support line which costs 50pence a minute – I have a feeling I’d have got an answer if I’d rang. Anyway, I fume silently and forget about it. Few weeks later I try again – their system STILL says I have opted out when I again go through the process but I am not. So again I email. Muppet#2 tells me I’m doing it wrong and spells out just what I need to do in order to Opt-out. Spookily, it’s exactly the same steps I said were not working. Hmm. So I forgot again – until Tuesday. Trying again, failing again and seeing the typed-out-slowly email from Muppet#3 which AGAIN gets it totally wrong, I blogged for a recommendation. As a result of that, Simon emails me. Turns out that my domain registration had lapsed. I am really grateful to Simon for that email – I would very probably have missed it.

So in December I move a registration to 123-Reg and in February, without telling me anything at all, they let that registration lapse. Am I missing something before I say that 123-reg are obviously a bunch of complete incompetents ? Aren’t registrars meant to tell you ? I know when I was with easily.co.uk that their emails were incessant (if they weren’t so damn expensive I’d have stayed with them). So 123-Reg are allowing an element of my internet identity to disappear from my grasp without bothering to let me know. There is nothing anywhere on their site to indicate anything is wrong either. Because of the opt-out issue I’m certainly not happy for the 123-Idiots to look after things so I find another registrar. I get their TAG, go back to 123 and change the IPS tag. Shortly after that I go to the new registrar’s site to initiate the transfer from their end. It tells me the domain is expired – which I knew. I also see that domains which are expired cannot be moved. ? So back to Muppet Central and I email them – not their problem they say, it’s now with the new registrar. Eh ? But according to most places I look, domains must be valid and within a certain time limit before they can be transferred – so why did 123-Reg fail ? Why didn’t their system both stop me changing the IPS tag AND stop the new registrar’s request ? Why ? The answer is because they are complete incompetents. If they can’t deal with something as basic as this, then why trust them with anything else ?

Thankfully, the new registrar has a decent phone support line, staff who DO know what they are talking about and staff that are capable of rectifying the mess that 123-Reg made. New registrar: Freeola. Why ? Because years ago I used to buy lots of computer games from a company called Special Reserve. Same people. New name. They were great back then and I have no reason to believe otherwise now.

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  1. 123-reg are totally usless. When you email support they take on average 3 days to repond. We pre registered £600 worth of EU domains. There terms and conditions stated that we would be refunded the full amount if our pre-registartion was declined. Instead of refunding the money they withdrew the £600 from our bank account. IDIOTS! it took over 20 phonecalls, numerous emails and the intervention of our bank to get our cash back. They then froze our control panel for no reason. We are now taking legal action against them. Avoid 123-reg like the plauge. They are incompitent and treat there customers like dirt. You have been warned.

  2. i am one of those’ unfortunate case’ by’ 123-reg (pipex) i register 3 domain names… last months and as soon as we are ready to use the name , i found that theres been 1 domain name got registred so i email.. i wrote support and live ..support by the 123 -reg…and one week later after i have made a phone call… of w/c a 50p per minute calls,, i finally got an email response. those found that my registration actually didnt regester… and so they couldnt find my records.. and so they had to pusch it through again…and so i was so feeling annoyed that i left it out for them to sort out..as far as am concerned they got my money and they need to fix it…i left it over a week later they finally sorted it out. one by one 🙂 what a company never even say sorry. They shouldnt be allowed to ‘even ‘have an ;airtime’ tv program as they are not.. as they claimed they are. come on… its only a ‘domain registration. 123 reg and ‘heartinternet.co.uk….people ..people…you must stay AWAY!!

  3. 123-reg failed to renew several of my domains last year and did not warn me. This has damaged my business and cost me a fair bit of money.

    They refused to discuss the matter and in fact debited my credit card on several occasions for renewals that never happened.

    Now they have failed to renew a .eu domain I registered just over a year ago with them. It does not appear in my control panel. They have not replied to any emails, do not answer the phone and have not relpied a support question I posted on the new ‘support’ site eight days ago.

    I have been a custmer for years, am a Pipex reseller, have several hosting accounts with Pipex and dozens of domains with 123-reg.

    More fool me . . . but it is hard to change and I keep hoping this is just a bad patch. However, for those of you that aren;t in too deep I would recommend looking elsewhere . . .

    – Nick

  4. I have had a long running battle with 123-reg. Well, when I say battle, I mean that I did all of the fighting and they just ignored everything. I took them through the small claims court, and won judgment by default because they did not even bother to respond to the court papers saying they were being sued for x,xxx amount. Avoid these losers, without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with! Go to Streamline or somebody!

  5. I actually spoke to a human being at pipex today. They promised my issue would be escalated to a supervisor and I should hear from them in 24 hours. Still nothing at the close of today. Okay it’s only another 13 hours after a week of going demented. I reckon I won’t hear from them. Place your bets here.
    Now ….I reckon pipex have decided to shut 123-reg down. Service this bad can only be deliberate. Surely…..
    Anyone else got a theory?

    Muppet show is turning me into a green monster.

  6. I’ve been with 123-reg for years and had no problems, but over the last two weeks I’ve been emailing them and requesting support via their website – about 6 support requests have gone unanswered. I refuse to pay 50p a minute for phone support.

    I’ve just been searching to see if anyone else has had problems (which is how I found this post) – lots of people are. Here’s just one example I found – http://avoid123reg.mydisk.co.uk/.

    I’m transferring all my domains away ASAP. Good luck to everyone else.

  7. Am not surprised that 123reg is down yet again. This has been going on for ages – time and time again.I have moved all my domains to other providers. As a result I have found out why 123reg has been having so much problems. It is now apparent that after pipax bought 123reg, the developers and chaps who were running 123reg have started there own company – Daily Internet – http://www.daily.co.uk

    Its incredible to now have my phone calls answered within a few rings and be able to talk to people who are knowledgeable about hosting – and to speak to some of the guys that use to support me several years ago. Been with them for a few months now and I’m very happy. They even give from Online back up drive when you migrate to them. Do your own research and call them up !

  8. I am beside myself, I have had nothing but trouble with 123 reg so much so and too much to mention to put in this email, the outcome after many many expensive and frustrating phone calls speaking to complete idiots who clearly did not give a care in the world about my website…was that they deleted my website which I spent 100’s of hours working on. Has anyone sued them and won?

  9. My experience of 123-Reg is truely bad, I agree with alot of the negative sentiment people have mentioned above.
    I think there is something truely dishonest about spitting in your customers face and not allowing them to question your questionable business practices.
    These are certainly not talentled busness inovators with interesting and valuble things to sell-no these are opportunist bottom feeders. No sophistication-yobs, that is all.

    Hello Pipex,

    I’m writing this E-mail in a bid to resolve what is turing into a serious problem, one that should have been quickly and deciesivly solved weeks ago. I am now looking to manage the problem by contacting the parent company and hope someone amongst you will have the balls to reply and do what is right.

    I bought a domain name (http://www.kayandtee.com/ user: real10 from) 123-Reg last year and no longer wish to use the company or their serviices. Then “why” are 123-Reg taking money(£25) out of my Pay pal account when I do not use their services. This is proving fustrating as they and I presume you-do not want or seemly intend to set the situation straight.

    I have just now been searching the net and have read first hand the low esteem your companies are held in. People are not dumb. We know this is rip off Britain but you can not simply shaft your customers and expect no one to say any thing about it. If you are unaware you and and your companies are rubbish at what you do-you can not do your job properly. I can not believe a busines can be as bad as yours is and survive.

    I will definatley not be giving you a futile phone call-you sap my energy. This is getting tedious-but its exactly what youd’e expect from rip off Britian.

    Some will cal this perhaps a little excesive-maybe but I doubt it. ( I could be reading Vogue magazine, instead I’m sat hear pecking out my dismal thoughts)

    Enough is enough.

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