That post below about a spark.
There is a division going on. The division is this – if it yours, I’ll do it. A couple of things I’ve wanted to do haven’t happened (one online, one not) because the perception from the other person was that I was only saying yes, only agreeing, only seeing things positively because I was on an Up. They saw me as being two people and only wanted the one that worked – as they saw it. But if I tell you I’ll do it, I’ll do it. If I tell you I’ll do it by a date, expect it then if not before. It’s MY plans that lie half-opened. But because people like me tend to rabbit on about what we want to do, will do, will have done by tomorrow if only there were some more hours in the day but don’t worry because we’ll get right to it and it’ll be sorted pdq then others see us as “Yeah yeah yeah” which when we aren’t trying to Save The World isn’t so hot. So if I’ve said I’ll do it for you, I will.
If I have said I will do it, for me, then don’t hold me to it, okay ? 🙂

That said, I have 4 blogs going on. Two on, Two here. I’m removing one from each.

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