Feed reading / scanning

It’s days like today when I realise just how much info glides across my eyes. Because I’m only now starting to feel something close to normality (Winston needed a walk and it’s amazing how much freezing air can wake you up) and with FeedDemon having been open all day I have dozens and dozens of feed items unread. It’s not that I read everything that goes through (does anyone ?) but being on top of things means that I scan hourly and read that which interests me. So I don’t appreciate just how much ‘information’ I get through. But then if when I see this huge pile of unreads I just ‘Mark all as Read’ then why bother getting the feeds anway ? I can see that if you were going away you could set up watches and custom searches, but for a day ?

That other domain thing I mentioned. A manic spark, that’s what it was. Not the title, domain or anything like that – the actual idea was a manic spark. And I’m starting to get really really tired of them. I’ll write.

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