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Wanted: A registrar that can look after .uk domains, that supports opt-out or better still anonymity and that has a personal recommendation.
Once I’ve moved 2 domains, I’ll talk about the one I’m with ….

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  1. 123-Reg (, every time.

    They offer whois opt-out (which is a feature of the registry rather than the registrar, technically) so that your address is hidden from the public (and there’s nothing stopping you putting “Mark” down as the registrant’s name).

    They’re also now part of the Pipex group so reliability is pretty solid.

    I’m happy to recommend them – I’ve used them personally for about 5 years, I use them for our .uk domains at work, and I use them for friends/family/clients who I’ve registered domains for. I once tried moving my .uk domains to 1&1 and I’m still regretting it (they’re a pain in the arse) – moved back to 123-Reg as quick as I could.

    They reckon they’re the cheapest .uk registrar (in fact, I think they guarantee it) and they’re currently offering free transfers of .uk domains into their system.

    And as icing on the cake, if you decide to sign-up and you’re feeling generous, if you use this link I earn a few pennies any time you spend money with them 🙂

    What more could you ask for? 🙂

  2. Heh – that’s the bunch of ***** I want to move from.
    I have ‘opted out’ over a dozen times and not only will it not let me but when I send a step-by-step of how to produce the result I get they send me back a step-by-step of how to do it. And it is the same.
    I get the feeling that IF I rang their expensive helpline I would get the answer.

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