Warnings – and the lack of them.

Buy a packet of peanuts and it’ll probably say “Caution! May contain nuts” on it.
Buy a takeaway coffee and it’ll have a “Caution ” Contents may be hot!” on it.
Stupid warnings for what should be obvious. So if we warn for the obvious, it follows that we should warn for all things serious. Yes ?
Apparently, the Highway Code in 75 this year.
Does it explicitly state that you cannot run people over ? No.
Does it explicitly state that you should not run people over ? No.
Does it say how you should determine who has right of way should 3 drivers arrive at a mini roundabout at the same time ? No.
Does it say how many points a cat is worth ? No.
Does it say that it is perfectly permissible within the law to be driving along, having a conversation with a passenger, keeping an eye on a kid in the back, trying to find the right track on the CD, drinking your takeaway coffee and also negotiating a multi-island roundabout ? Within hours of passing your test ? No.
Does it explain the phenomenon of men wearing hats being the worst drivers ? No.
Needs a bit of a rewrite then …

(Cats are worth twice the points of dogs I reckon. Especially in built-up areas where they should have learned quicker. Not that it’s a lesson they get to attend twice though eh ?)

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