My WordPress guides got linked from Problogger today. Nice things were said – always a bonus 🙂 And thanks to Aaron for letting me know (Problogger isn’t in my regular list of haunts ….maybe I shouldn’t have said that).

In other news, the NatWest continue to reveal facts which showed they lied even more. What I need to do is phone through this machine and record everything those liars say. Since when did having a bank account become such a high-level priviledge ?
And probably related to that and what they did yesterday I have had an incredibly bad headache.

I want to be on a jury – a jury to hear the case of anyone accused of anything against any bank or financial institution. Innocent. That’s my verdict. Innocent.

4 thoughts on “Linkage

  1. Thanks again for letting me know 🙂
    This may come across wrong but … it’s only a link ? One site linking to another. I mean it’s nice to have my work recognised like that – something that a WP dev has never done – but, well … it’s just a link. This sounds odd and I’m not dismissing links but I’ll be honest, I can’t get excited about it. In fact, when I first saw your email title I thought Matt had finally realised that an undelete function in WP might actually be useful and would commit to having that in WP. But no …
    Monetizing – I have the ads at the bottom. Not really considered anything else.

    In the end, I just blog. I have no aspirations to do anything but tap away just like I did before WP. I hope that doesn’t sound odd…. it’s only a blog, it’s not real life 🙂

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