Girls should see this.

That’s picking on girls which could be unfair but the portrayal (for me) of the absolutely perfect girl seems to be more prevalent. Certainly with my two and the magazines they get there is this ‘perfection’ ideal which is pushed. So this link to FluidEffect wasn’t just interesting – more like a “Kids really should know the magic that is used”. Adults too I suppose … Agree to the copyright thing, and when you are in click the before/after. When a chosen image is fully loaded click and hold the ‘Before’ link. Some changes are large (thighs!) but others are very subtle indeed.
(src: Malcom’s Page)

5 thoughts on “Girls should see this.

  1. I kinda agree about the first one……but the other two? Take a better photo then! The second one – once retouched – bears almost no resemblance to the original, it could easily be someone else. And to my mind, the weirdest thing about the last one is the hairline.

    Re-touching has it’s place – hey, even I’ve been known to do it to the odd photo – to remove that badly timed spot, the red-eye, whatever. However, there should be limits. The abusive element here is holding these images up as ideals for us to aspire too….when even that “ideal” is being faked.

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