Losing the plot in France


A team of scientists is hoping to determine whether charred human remains on display in a French museum are those of 15th Century heroine Joan of Arc.

Dr Charlier said the tests would not determine with certainty whether the remains are Joan of Arc’s
Researchers … will use DNA testing and carbon dating to determine whether the bone belonged to a woman, as well as its exact age
He said no DNA comparison with possible descendants will be carried out because Joan of Arc’s family tree is probably false.
Nothing was said to remain after the third cremation except her ashes – which were reportedly thrown in the River Seine in Paris.

So … These scientists will spend 6 months doing tests on a bone which should not exist, they don’t yet know if it’s the bone of a woman, they don’t know it’s age and even if it was to be a female bone and the right age they have no DNA so they cannot at all give a definite answer either way.
What’s the f*cking point ??

2 thoughts on “Losing the plot in France

  1. Well, you know scientist are curious creatures.

    Here in Sweden a lengthy and very serious investigation with practical studies on the ground, statistics and thesis writing, finally came to the conclusion that it took elderly citizens more time to cross a street than it took younger.

    Who could have guessed?

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