ID cards

The BBC asks the question: Will ID cards make the UK safer?

Now c’mon … Tony says it’s a great idea and yes it will make the UK safer. Who are we – the proles – to disagree ?

– Old ladies can walk the streets without fear
– We can leave our homes and cars unlocked
– We can carry cash not mess with that plastic and those silly numbers
– Drug dealers will be driven from the streets
– Youths will stop hanging around on street corners intimidating people
– People with guns will stop using them
– We can empty the jails because all the prisoners will now be safe
– All baddies will be so scared they’ll not come near the UK
– Going to the city on a friday night ? No problem – happy drunks !
– Cars will obey the speed limit
– Salmonella ? To scared to divide !
– and the Govt will stop declaring war on other countries after lying.

So that’ll be more crap then.

One thought on “ID cards

  1. I can understand your irony. For an italian, not having an ID card is something unthinkable. In UK and the US an ID card is seen as something that violates your privacy. It’s a libertarian concept I understand and share. But, nowadays, I think we can accept a little bit less privacy for security reasons. Provided there are no abuses in dealing with personal data. Not that easy…

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