Sainsburys’ customers are the stupidest

Had cause to go into Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys today. (And I know I’m going to get the ‘ all in the wrong place but I don’t care). I needed to look at the DVD sections. that’s all. Not difficult. Not a huge challenge.
Tesco – nip in, scoot along aisle, come back checking along the way. Apart from dodging the 16yo girls all pushing their offspring along through the doors, it wasn’t too bad.
Asda – manage to get past the squad of ‘greeters’ and avoid swearing at the people who fail to understand that when it says EXIT and I’m going OUT that I have RIGHT OF WAY and will not be tutted at.
Sainsburys – FFS. (1) How many 4×4’s in a carpark ? In the biggest flattest carpark for miles ? Whassit for – to protect the slap you just ploughed your faces through ? (2) Orange. puke. (3) DVD aisle. Woman with child in tow. Sorry – woman with stupendously bored child who wants to go <— way while woman wants to —> way. I couldn’t give a sh*t so long as I could get past. Eventually spy a gap and bounce through. Need to check the other side of the display ‘thing’. Guy about 50 and with a waistline double his age. He is not moving so slowly I can nip past. Neither is he moving so quickly I can stay behind him and check. He is moving at precisely the pace of an Irritating Bast*rd. He never quite got IN my way, but neither did he move out of my way either. He was just a constant presence where he was most decidedly not wanted. And given my skillful use of body language and deep intakes and sharp outtakes of breath this guy would have had to had the IQ of a sticklebrick not to have noticed. So yes, Sainsburys ? Shopping for Stupid People.
And nowhere had what I wanted either. Bollocks.

One thought on “Sainsburys’ customers are the stupidest

  1. I think it’s the people who leave their trolleys right in the middle of the aisle that wind me up the most. And why is it that the person in front of you is always going at a snail’s pace, whilst the person behind you is rushing and making annoyed tutting noises?

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