Shower Curtains and The Law

Why are they all 180cm ? In B&Q and Tesco every shower curtain is 180cm by 180cm. WHY ? I want a shower curtain that is just over 200cm. I don’t want 360cm of it. I don’t want two. I just want a shower curtain that is long enough. Obviously though some unwritten law means that I will have to do without. It’s not like my demand is that unreasonable because you can’t get any smaller either! All are 180*180. Where did this measurement come from ? Why does it persist ? Is it tied into bath design ? Are plumbers in on this conspiracy ? 180 cm – it’s a daft number. It’s not quite six feet, it’s not two metres. Why pick such a non-number for such an essential piece of bathroom equipment ? It can’t be to do with trimming down because if you want smaller you have to do that. Stupid. Bah.

10 thoughts on “Shower Curtains and The Law

  1. I bet it’s something to do with the average height of the shower head from the bottom of the bath and I’d nearly bet that that height is linked to water pressure and optimum height from the tap…..

    …..then again that could be a load of bollocks as I’m only guessing 😆

  2. Baths are actually widely available in many lengths – the shortest I’ve come across is 1300mm and the longest 2000mm. The most common ones used by my company are 1500mm and 1700mm, but I’ve never actually come across one that is 1800mm!

    AJ is right about building regs though – strange things that they are. will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about building regulations, and I suspect that one of Parts F (ventilation), H (drainage and waste disposal) or P (electrical safety) will have the exact answer to your question, but will involve some heavy and boring reading!

  3. it’s not just shower curtains..
    I’ve had the joy of buying blinds lately, and they’re all the same bloody size too.
    Too big for small windows, too small for large, and yes, I know, I could buy ones that fit but that would involve scissors, knives, hacksaws, and bunsen burners.
    (ok, i was lying about the last one)

  4. Interesting to see that someone has the same problem as me. Showerail is the answer for straight forward requests, but where do i get a white waffle one? Its just that i bought one and its just what i want but its tooooo short. Any ideas greatfully received.

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