Jenkins in The Telegraph

Unless this guy kept a diary – and a good one at that – then he’s making all this up. Given what his former wife has said, he is talking complete crap and – as is likely – they are both embellishing what happened – then again Sion Jenkins is lying. This is crap of the highest order and given the style of writing it further convinces me that he did indeed do it. He is after some sort of public redemption, for sympathy to gush from us, for us to even possibly maybe like him.
Here’s one line of crap:

I was told by the police that I had to leave Sussex in case I influenced potential witnesses. I didn’t know what they meant…..

A supposedly educated man not knowing what that means ?

After a spiritual journey that seemed to take a lifetime, I found my faith again, bruised and barely visible, but alive.

Yeah yeah yeah……

But the truth acts as a balm to those who are innocent, giving us strength to face the past and present and the will to persevere until the day we are free.

Is that the sound of violins in the background ?

Still, I suppose we out to shed a tear for the liar, bully and wife-beater.

BBC story from the time does not link to the present situation. That’s a shame.

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