Sharing can be bad

As P said to me last night, we’d raised her to be polite and share so in that spirit she was passing her cold germs to me. I feel like crap. Even with paracetamol and ibuprofen I feel crap. But then colds do hit us males far far harder than they affect women. I doubt women can appreciate the overwhelming impact that these viral invasions have – it’s not that we are weaker, oh no, that’s far from the truth. In fact we are much stronger – but that means the viral attack forces have to be stronger to swamp our considerable defences and when they do they rampage through outnumbering our otherwise sturdy defenders. So yeah, I feel crap.

The comment feed is weirding out here at times. Odd.

Archives – this is why I don’t understand individual’s keeping archives. I’m backing up into the spare HD and just happened to glance at what is being transferred. There are files buried in the other machine that relate to my nursing career back in 2000. There is the suicide prevention doc I wrote, the Section 5(4) teaching session, a report on a Kosovan refugee who really was throwing a ‘sickie’ to stay, letters to management, drugs info … tons of docs. Many with the .lwp extension (I’m sure I was using Corel then) and I had no idea they were there. And no idea why they still are. I shall find and delete them later when I have returned to a state closer to what passes for health.

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