An ill-fitting suit

It’s very frustrating having to be involved with so much officialdom and suchlike. No one set of people has a clue what others are doing, they all work to different timescales, if one has information another will ask for it and not want to wait, they have staff who are without any knowledge – I’ve worked out my new telephone technique and I await the chance to use it:
dials number
“Hello, this is XYZ may I help you ?”
Hi – do you have a clue ?
If they say ANYTHING but “Yes” I’ll insist on talking to someone with a clue. J said that would be amusing but cruel. I can do cruel.

(I am informed that the latest word at school is “grool”. Great + cool = grool. The image I had involved two grubby hands and a wooden bowl…)

So.. these not-joined-up people + another event has contrived to distract me hugely from pretty much everything for a while. It’s starting to slowly clear and I’m looking at mail and lists and notes and ‘stuff’ and wondering just what I should do. Not that I have tons but some of it is from 2 or 3 weeks ago and stuff I wanted to do I’ve missed and the time has gone. I’ve pondered scrubbing it and starting anew but that’s not fair on a couple of things / people. For tomorrow I think.

Malware forums – SCARY! There is so much to read and absorb. And I need to re-register. They are big on anonymity and disguising myself as ‘Mark’ might not work. Just a guess….. and in timely fashion, D’s machine has a problem so I’ve said I’ll sort that tomorrow. At the same time as she covers the coathangers and drawer bottoms with clothes and the shelves with assorted items all of which are currently scattered around her room as if a Black Hole had suddenly gone into reverse and spewed out it’s contents. I wonder how many “Look more penicillin to help cure people !” moments we’ll get 🙂

Oh yes, these unjoined ones. We had a guy round saying to J there was stuff they could do. Then he rang and said the same. Then J rang and was assured. Then someone else rang and said all was good. This took over a month. Then someone else rang and said No. This was just annoying but it’s events like that which in themselves you brush off but over time all these little f*ckups by all these other parties builds up until you literally feel like screaming at them.

P was at the Doctor this morning for a blood test so I had to do the Dad thing and be with her – I told her all the way through that I was fine, felt good – and as we were leaving we got to the doorway as an elderly couple came through in the opposite direction. The lady came through first. I glanced at the guy. No eye contact or anything but I noticed that he was wearing an ill-fitting suit. Given that I hoped he’d not bought it to fit that way I wondered where he was in his life when it fitted, looked good and he felt great wearing it. Carrying his history with him I felt ………….

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