Joining another forum

If there is another forum I’d jump in to help, it would be a Malware forum.
There’s an article on the BBC site about spyware and (shock horror!) the result is sponsored by a company offering to sell people tools to get rid of malware. (Why can’t the BBC see through this stuff ?) It’s daft because all you need is free. I’ve had a machine which in the end I reformatted because of malware, I had another infection which I sorted myself after some digging and another a few weeks ago which took only minutes to kill because I know where to look inside here (a clean HijackThis log helps !). The middle case there lead to me being invited to join and ‘train’ at one of the many forums but for some reason I stopped and cannot find that forum again. So… it’s been a nice surprise to find a Malware Removal University where the training takes place – after all, it’s one thing to dig in your own machine, quite another to diagnose and advise on another and it beats a “Headers already sent” error every time 🙂 So I’ve applied to join and once I’m accepted I’ll get stuck in – should be very interesting indeed and a challenge which will be very welcome. (Not that I’m leaving anywhere else !)

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