George Bush wants your love letters

The EFF are saying quite clearly that a feature in Google’s Desktop Search is very bad news indeed. Given what else is happening in the online world with regard to privacy are you really going to be stupid enough to hand over everything to anyone who wants it ? And advertising – it would be like letting a Junk mailer into your home, showing him the contents of your HD and then thanking them as he leaves with a ghosted image. But people will be dense enough to do this … just imagine if someone does this from work. On Windows ? Need a search tool ? Use Agent Ransack
(src: Slashdot)

2 thoughts on “George Bush wants your love letters

  1. You know what really bugs me about search software? There is NO WAY I can say “find me all files in this directory that DON’T have X in them”

    the equivilent of -term in Google. Really annoying. Even that software you linked can’t do that it seems…


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