According to the BBC

And though Sion Jenkins has not been acquitted by a jury but by a judge, he is unequivocally innocent in the eyes of law.

3 trials.
Many of the jury obviously thought he was guilty.
Many of the jury obviously thought he was not guilty.
And the judge gets fed up and says “FFS, we’ve had enough of this court stuff. You are free. Go away”.
That makes him innocent. Really ?

I’m with the family of Billie-Jo – Sion Jenkins DID do it.

5 thoughts on “Jenkins

  1. Maybe he did. Legally he didn’t.

    So he didn’t, as far as the rest of the world, history, etc are concerned.

    However if it went down like that then there would be grounds for an appeal I’d imagine, in which case it will be heard in court again.

  2. In law the hard evidence was thin – I do not know how I would have voted if I was a juror but I think the circumstantial the evidence is compelling. The 3 minute detour to get white spirit (despite white spirit being in a the house) is especially damning. Time enough to remember Mr B’s obsession with plastic? And his cold, impassive call to the to the emergency services and the inexplicable delay in trying to save Billie-Jo. His character generally is suspect. He is a man who has used physical violence: the thump to his wife perforating an eardrum after a trivial problem with a loo roll holder and (the denied) kick to Billie-Jo’s already injured ankle whilst on holiday. He used implements in the corporal punishment of his children. He lives a lie for years, obtaining a position on responsibility and authority by deception by creating fictitious cv (dismissed by the defence as an embellishment). When one interviews someone for such a position one invariably follows up matters arising from the candidate’s cv, which means Jenkins would have had to invent supplementary information to back-up the fictitious information on his cv. (He presumably invented a Gordontoun accent as well.)

    I feel so sad.

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