“in case of emergency, break glass and blog”

Article in The Economist that has those words in it. What I read that to be is for a company to carefully craft some ‘blogs’, load them heavily with propaganda and when the fan goes brown, suddenly “find” them on the net, or have employees post them to digg or del.icio.us. What would give that away would be any search engine history or evidence of pings, whois info and suchlike but for your average consumer and your average journo eager to ingratiate themself with someone that sort of tactic would be good wouldn’t it ? Very bad news is revealed, their blogs are ‘discovered’ and the reporting of all that drowns out the bad news. Yep, that would do the trick. Which in some way negates what all this blogging about things is meant to do doesn’t it ? If we have the freedom to say what we want, then so do they – only we are doing so with no set platform while the shareholders are behind the company. The examples in that article are sound – vote in the US anyone ? I suppose next they’ll be revealing all this before the scandal breaks. Or maybe use blogs to undermine a rival prior to a takeover. Or to talk up stock. In fact, to do anything except become acquainted with the truth.
Corporate Blogging. Clogging ? Seems apt.
(src: A PR Guru’s Musings)

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