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I have 6 NiMh batteries. No matter what I do when I put them in the camera they never show as having full charge. I suspect I am overcharging them by either leaving them in the charger too long (but shouldn’t it stop ?) or by charging them when they are not fully discharged. So what I’m planning to do is find a torch or similar, discharge the batteries fully using that and then charge. But should I leave them in the charger ? Can I ? Any tips ?

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  1. I have had similar problems with my rechargeable NiMh batteries. I usually left the batteries in the charger but they get so hot. SO now 24 hours and take them out. Helping make sure there fully discharged helps, though there are memory free types available. I have to say I have gone back to non chargeable batteries as they preform better!

  2. i leave the rechargeables in the charger when im not using them, that said:

    I have two wireless mice w/ chargers. They both have rechargeable batteries. I usually forget to recharge the one I use on my iBook, and so I swap out the batteries from the one thats hooked to my windows PC. I usually leave the 2nd mouse (win pc one) in the charger all the time. It automatically stops charging when it’s full.

    I also have a regular charger, and i usually leave batts in it too, just because i forget to take them out. It auto-stops.

    I think your charger doesn’t auto-stop like it should, Mark.

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