For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, I’ve deleted the only cracked code I had on my machine – so I’m clean. No cracked code here. Thing is, I don’t know why exactly. A attack of honesty ? Doubt it. Happy to do to now use two programs where one would have done ? No. Content that if I took my machine to be repaired they’d find nothing dodgy on it ? Nope. Weird. (Though let’s face it – I know just where to look again if I wanted.).

According to The Register and other sources, Google are climbing into bed with Dell. I’ve got a Dell that’s approaching 5 years old and it still works so I’ve no complaints about it (reason I got a Dell ? It wasn’t that vile light grey) but it makes me ponder about new machines. It’s been a while since I did it for someone but when I got asked to setup a new machine the first thing you do is clear all the crap out isn’t it ? All the Norton stuff (post to a cracks newsgroup asking for codes for Norton Internet security .. tut tut. Mind you there was a post close by asking for an Incredimail crack. Very sad indeed.) and any other garbage that MS stuck on the HD (not the OS … let’s not go there 🙂 ) so it makes me wonder what gunk we’ll be seeing along with the Google stuff…..
It’s bound to install all the G code .. maybe it’ll ask for your postcode, load up Google Earth and while new users go “Oooohhh” that postcode will be used to target the newbie user (“Use warez ? We know where you live..”)? should be the first visit for those setting machines up. A Google Earth link would be gold though wouldn’t it ? Targeted everything … not that they would do any evil. (define “good”).

Bandwidth. Videos. A couple of years ago if a site had a video then it got swamped as people crammed into see it. I recall video links as being comparatively rare and of very low quality. But with Google Video, YouTube and others it’s springing up again. In some ways that’s good because otherwise we would not have the goodness of Numa Numa but I’m also coming more links to really nasty stuff. Maybe it’s where I’m looking but there was a link a couple of days ago to a stoning in South Africa I came across, links to animal deaths, links to violent films. I could go on a censorship spin or decry such facilities but there’s no point. It’s just nasty stuff.

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