Slow line

BT decided some wires between Leicester and Coventry looked far too efficient at midday – so they lopped 75% of them away. They did this just as I realised that uploading images that were around 2meg to the gallery was not the wisest thing given the explosion in disc space usage. So it’s been a slow day online…. and frustrating at times. Still, after the discussion a couple of posts below I used the time to scan this machine everywhere and it’s as clean as a very shiny pan 🙂 Not that it wasn’t of course.

So the gallery directory has been renamed – Catch – and all the images sized down to 800*600. For some reason I can’t get comments going on it (typical install, it should work). Then I decided after a while I didn’t want comments because of any spam problems. But then I wanted the comments to work so I could then stop them working rather than not getting them in the first place. ‘Bloody minded’ is what it’s called. And themes – must find a decent one.

I want to buy Egg-man a beer !

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