Bought something on ebay 3 days ago and it arrived earlier. Invoice with the item is fine – except it has an email I have not had for over 5 years, have never registered with ebay and the company I’ve dealt with I have never bought anything from before. The old email address uses my middle initial even though I didn’t give it this time and I’ve moved house a few times since. Very very odd.

Around 1992, I worked on ward called Dale Villa. The laundry arrived back one day – as it did – and someone began putting all the clean clothes away just as normal. The person doing this was relatively new – don’t new staff get all the fun jobs ? – and she came down to the main area and said “Who is ‘Jane Doe’ ?”. We said that it was the name of a lady who had moved out to the Community very many months previously but who had lived here for years. The same day we found out she had died the previous night.

Isn’t life odd at times ?

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