Kneeling before the skies

On 17 Jan, I linked to an article in The Independent written by James Lovelock concerning the world environment. On 27 Jan, I linked to an Opinion piece by Boris Johnson on assisted suicide – a powerful piece of writing it was. And now today, Mr Johnson turns his gaze toward the environment and comes up with an philosophy / idea I’d not considered before. (He does use some big words though !).

2 thoughts on “Kneeling before the skies

  1. “Gaia is the Earth herself; she is Mother Nature; she taps her foot in ever-growing impatience at the antics of our species; and, according to Professor Lovelock, she is about to exact the most terrifying punishment for our excesses. She is about to get carboniferous on our ass.”

    I love that piece.

    Boris Johnson is an ass but I can’t help liking him 🙂

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