A late one

We managed to pay for J’s electric scooter and it was delivered today. The psychological impact of that being in the house though was far larger than I anticipated – to be honest I hadn’t even predicted it – which lead to some unexpected emotions. Of course seeing it is a lot lot easier than using it – that is a major barrier which I can’t see being overcome for a long time.
Scenario #1: “I’m stuck in the house and I can’t get out
Scenario #2: “I’m stuck in the house and I’m not using that
All it does is shift the focus. Still ….. if we can get another me and the girls can have Mario Kart style tournaments 🙂

The gallery has had another few images added as I continue in my quest to take more and hope the odd one is good. I’m sure I’ve a very fine tremor which is only showing because when I click I’m having to be still. the tremor has been seen before but was worse, so it’s a possibility. Anyway, the images that are there – yes some are crap but then if I don’t keep bad I’ll not know better will I ? All the images will be “by-nc-sa” and that’ll be added somewhere.

I am very very pissed off at certain things online – no prizes for guessing eh ? But hey, who gives one.

All the ‘Donate’ buttons have gone from the site and if I can be bothered I’ve a few new additions planned for the guides.

Meteos is f*cking brilliant.

Top tip of the day: Putting a handful of maltesers on an external HD simply because it has edges and they won’t roll off isn’t wise.

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