6 thoughts on “WP 2.0.1

  1. That it’s been updated is hardly a critism is it?

    What IS sad is that the bugs that were in it and are fixed (for the most part) this time are ones that should have been caught for 2.0. I’m still not sure why they released it (even though I use it).

    Maybe it was just for christmas.

    Anyhow, it’s good that its being developed. I mean the same thing happened with v1, and 1.5 – it’s not like its a new thing with WP 😉

  2. lol, yeah there is a lot on trac, and a lot of disputes on the testing list.

    Personally I don’t think 2.0 is going to be what people expected from 2.0 until about 2.2, which is a shame. It does match what happened with v1 though – 1.2 was basically a 1.0 product.

  3. How to keep being unpopular for speaking his mind:

    – WP is now a big product. The ‘hackers list’ is no such thing – it’s essentially one big chatter list because WP is and continues to be an autocracy. I have no problem with that so long as that is open – it is not.
    – WP 2.0 was released to an agenda outside of WP. How else can so many bugs be squashed ? They were not all apparent since the release of 2.0
    – The link to bugs says 1 security ticket. There were TWO. That should have ben declared – oversight is a poor excuse given use of trac.
    – trackbacks are dead. WP killed them.
    – Better quality less releases is what should be happening OR more releases but done properly. Hands up everyone who knew when 2.0.1 would be released ? I see two hands…

    I am getting very fed up with supporting a product that should have learned from 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.5,,,, 1.5.2 Failure to learn is very poor.

    My opinion counts for crap all, but WP releases are getting to be too frequent – and that’s hardly a way to build a reputation is it ?

  4. Agreed, its not.

    However the problem is fundamental with OSS, almost all of it does that. I’m sure there are many reasons why. I agree it’s crap that it happens though.

    Trackbacks are all but dead yeah, they died not just because of WP, but because 99% of them are spam.

    WP basically needs the reigns pulled and a much clearer set of goals. This should include better release and testing procedures. There are none atm really.

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