Wipeout reloading

Got my hands around a mate’s PSP earlier. Having avoided them before because of the “can’t have, won’t touch” I finally gave in when he said did I want to use it while he went off somewhere. I’m late to this particular party but wow…. it’s the mutt’s nuts in every possible sense. He’d got some driving game (Burnout ?) and he’d also got Wipeout Pure. I love Wipeout and this is just superb. Fan-bloody-tastic. I’m leaning into the corners, air-braking round corners, almost managed a couple of perfect laps in the whatever tournaments I was in. I really am amazed at how good the graphics are. If I’d thought of it I should have put some headphones in to see what the game sound is really like. I want one. Tomorrow I’m digging out whatever Wipeout games I’ve still got.

Having said that, Meteos on NDS eats my time away ..

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