Use Spam Karma 2 ?

If you do, go to dr Dave’s blog, read all about the “State of Spam” and then click the donate button.
As you can see in the footer of this blog, SK2 has killed 5276 spams. If it took me 1 second to kill one of those spams, then dr Dave’s code has saved me 87 minutes of deleting those spams (that doesn’t sound much – but do you really want to spend an hour and a half doing it ?). Adding into that the fact that readers here have not had to see the absolute crap that the spammers churn out then I think a donation is very much in order. Blogging may well be free but we sometimes need to say Thank You to those that help make this experience a more pleasant one. And today is that day. Go click the Donate button, hand over some cash and say Thank You.

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