Patricia Hewitt- off her f*cking rocker

From The Times

MINISTERS are hoping to rescue the NHS from its continuing cash problems through a “semi-privatised” scheme that trains patients to avoid hospital or their GP.

The Expert Patient Programme, which has cut hospital visits by 16 per cent in trial areas, is to have its budget tripled before becoming a not-for-profit company

” that trains patients to avoid hospital” – Don’t turn left, it’s not a hospital, really, it’s not there at all, ignore it, drive past, go on, go !!

“not-for-profit” – read that as “there will be no profit after the greedy kickback-giving profiteers have taken their vastly inflated salaries.”

Ms Hewitt believes that the best way to expand the Expert Patient Programme rapidly is by allowing NHS managers or outside providers to take it over from state control.

What ? You have an NHS, you want to make save money so you hive off the care to the Private Sector ? How do we spell NHS these day ? b_u_p_a ? It will cost more you bloody idiot.

The programme works by running training courses for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. They learn how to treat themselves when previously they would have gone to their doctor or the hospital accident and emergency department, and to avoid such emergencies altogether by looking after themselves better.

Ms Hewitt, you are seriously out of your f*cking tree on this lump of idiocy. Just how in hell do you propose stopping people with these conditions from attending hospital ?
Here’s a better idea – tax the drunken morons who are cluttering up Accident & Emergency because of your decision to allow alcohol to be sold 24/7. THOSE are the cases you need to remove.

The programme, set up four years ago, was based on an American “self-care” plan

That’ll work then eh ? When will the UK bloody learn…

The care structure we are meant to have now (primary care onwards) is meant to be doing all this – how many GP practices now have asthma clinics for example ? – so if Ms “lost the f*cking plot” Hewitt is saying we need all this new stuff then she is also admitting that the current structure has failed. So while that in itself is an okay admission in some ways, I’ll wager that she did not go consulting with front-line professionals but instead has pondered how she can feather her own nest when she’s been thrown out after her house of cards has been blown to the wind. Ms “Scamming the NHS for all I can” Hewitt does not use the NHS does she ? Ohh… now there’s an idea – if someone pays for private healthcare, make them pay private healthcare prices when THEY need A&E – that alone would stop the spongers from the private sector. (And don’t give me any of that “I pay my taxes bollocks” – those companies do what they do to cream the easy stuff. If they are in Healthcare then they should provide healthcare.)

Here is my 2 step plan for a guaranteed better NHS

  1. Ask the (actually working) nurses which managers should be sacked and sack them
  2. Ask the nurses how to make it better and do what they say

Too many chiefs, not enough indians – that’s what’s at the core of the NHS problems.

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