Cookies and Cash

Out walking Winston earlier, me and P. are working through some maths that she needs to learn, and today it was ratios. She got the hang of it really well and I thought I’d round it off:
If Tesco sell cookies for 30p each, and Asda sell 10 for £1.80 where will you buy your cookies if I give you 90p ?
No … Tesco sell 1 for 30p, Asda sell 10 for 180p. Where will you buy them from ?
P – we need to work on something again
“No we don’t”
But you keep getting it wrong
“No I don’t – I’ve only got 90p”

/me slaps head …

3 thoughts on “Cookies and Cash

  1. Oh wonderful blonde one, we were talking about those big ‘biscuits’ they normally sell in bags of 5 / 10 and which are the sort of thing one would normally purchase at branches of Miller’s Cookies.
    Miller’s Biccies doesn’t have the same effect 😛


  2. Cookies = soft large and yummy. I’m with you there Mark.

    The US definition is cookies = any biscuit. Most of the things we call biscuits though also come under the term “butter cookie”

    There a biscuit is something you give to the dog. Or some bread product in the south…

    freaks 😉

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