Great games

An excellent thread at the Guardian’s Gamesblog with this post: Games you keep coming back to.

Pilotwings on N64
I wish they’d have done a GC version – maybe they still will – but I love it. I’m 1 point off perfect (taking the photo of Nessie gets me every time)

SSX3 on PS2
The peak of the genre (pun intended)

Tetris on GBC
Loved that timed play

Too many games on MAME
Mentioned here before several times

N on PC
I will beat it !

and probably quite a few more …..

Love this quote from the article:

House of the Dead
……. I can pretty much play out the whole game in my head. This ability is absolutely certainly going to come in handy one day.

2 thoughts on “Great games

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  2. For me it’s probably Excelsior – a shareware top down RPG with some of the best worst graphics you’ll see. It’s gameplay is great though.

    Other than that…? hmmm… Another World is there, and I will always have a soft spot for The Nomad Soul. However most of my favourites are the ones I grew up with – like Sonic The Hedgehog, or similar.

    Whatever happened to platformers? They are all dead 🙁

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