4 thoughts on “On assisted suicide

  1. That Daily Telegraph article only presents the earthly view of the issue. God, the Creator of Life, is the ONLY authority over who lives and who dies.

    Suicide is wrong on every level, assisted or alone. People think of suicide because they do not understand the meaning and purpose of suffering!


    For example, a man who has lived his whole life in abusing others, perhaps because he was abused himself, or perhaps because he had no role model to demonstrate to him the loving behaviour of good parents. Then one day he discovers he’s going to die of cancer. He decides to end his life before the cancer takes him. He dies, stands before God in judgement, and God says, “You have condemned yourself to hell for eternity because you did not accept the redemptive suffering I sent you in order to save your soul.” (That may not be God’s judgement of every cancer sufferer or every person who has lived a life of abuse, it is merely an example. God judges us by what’s in our hearts.)

    Suffering is a part of living. Without it, we would all live lives of luxury and be spoilt brats. It’s in doing the things we find difficult, the things we don’t want to do, making the right choices, accepting times of difficulty, times of pain, times of loneliness, and joining them to the sufferings of innocent Jesus on the Cross, that we learn, that we become stronger, and that we save our souls and the souls of others.

    Take, for example, a mother and child. The child becomes sick with a high fever and is in hospital. The doctors and nurses are trying to bring her temperature down by packing her in ice. The mother, knowing that without this help, her daughter might die, assists the medical staff in keeping the ice around her daughter. The daughter cries and pleads to her mother, “Mummyyyy!! It’s sooo cold!!!!! Make them stop!!” The mother looks into her suffering child’s eyes and says, “I’m sorry, love, but we have to do this to make you better,” and the mother’s tears roll down her cheeks. She would gladly take all this suffering upon herself if it would help her daughter, but the little girl doesn’t understand that it’s the only way to save her life.

    God is our Father and He knows what is required in order to save our lives, our eternal lives. This earthly life is our time of learning, our time of growth and spiritual guidance, but once this life is ended, we must be absolutely certain that we are ready for Heaven and not Hell. God doesn’t send us to Hell, we send ourselves there by ignoring His Love and His Will.

    The suffering isn’t always for ourselves either, sometimes our suffering joined with Jesus’ suffering can save others – our family members, our friends or even strangers, who are walking the wrong road of life. When you end someone’s suffering, you may just be stealing their last chance at Heaven!!!!

    I would rather suffer in this life and know that the promise of eternal happiness in the next life is mine!

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