And the spam rises

Just noticed a note from drdave when I checked into Spam Karma here. SK has only had the very rarest of errors so it’s set to autokill every 4 hours. I’ve no idea why I picked that time scale ….. 49 spams it had caught. That’s a lot considering that Bad-Behaviour is also protecting this site. So I have increased the meaness factor of SK2 – hopefully it’ll still smile on real people. (And yes, I am perfectly aware of other solutions, but I am also even more aware that the spammers have beaten everything yet thrown at them and I don’t see that changing just yet. They are better funded.)

Edit: The spammers are pointing their code at a single post then throwing 18 spams at it in about 14 minutes – in alphabetical order (except for ‘hgh’ which is last …). The third of these little waves is part way through – not that you’d know from your side.

Edit again: IP is worth a few hours of blocking.

6 thoughts on “And the spam rises

  1. I’m not a fan of bad behaviour, I’ve come across the 412 response a couple of times when I’ve been waiting around bored and browsing blogs on my PPC. It’s needed though for WP blogs … I still see attempts at spamming in my own logs which are looking for WP code.

    One of the very attractive aspects of Typo is I don’t allow non-ajax comments. So you have to manually enter the comment and watch the slide 🙂 Bot’s can’t cope with that.

  2. Is this your blog ? thanks for remain me about that, but I’am a scammer? i dont think so. I do like to help people with their blog. I just started to make wp themes for free. Usually i make free blogger template. If there is no use for everyone with the themes i’ll take it down from my blog. about the code in the themes file, there is no adsense pub-id or chitika id on it, it’s just a sample for placement like i do on my other blog.
    If you still thinking that I’am a scammer, soon I’ll removed my 5 wp themes from my blog. I’ll continue to make blogger template on my


    Isnaini Dot Com

  3. Borobudur theme:
    google_ad_client = “pub-6833617605511620″;
    (it’s in index.php twice)
    (and it’s in page.php)
    (and it’s in header.php)

    130106 theme: (Which I JUST downloaded)
    single.php and others have a bunch of chitika crap:
    src=”” type=”text/javascript”

    In all of your themes:
    <meta name=”copyright” content=”Copyright 2003-2005. Isnaini Dot Com. All Rights Reserved.” />
    Why are you proclaiming ownership of other’s blogs ?

    So yes, you are a scammer.

    If it was sample placement then you should have a readme.

    And the 130106 theme was full of your pub-ID’s – why do you think I’d post to the WP forum and to my .com blog otherwise ?

    Google get in touch did they ?

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