Simon Hughes.

Simon Hughes says:

………the way he has handled media pressure after admitting gay relationships is a mark of his courage.

That, like most things MP’s say is complete bollocks. What will have really happened is that some skeleton from his past will have got in touch with a “So who is going to make me rich then Si ? The papers or you ?” and the cheapest way out was to say what he did. That is not the mark of courage at all – it’s the behaviour of a cornered rat.

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  1. That’s harsh Mark. Harsh.

    Yes that is probably what happened, but the courage comes from how he dealt with it. He stood up and admitted it in a honest, upstanding way.

    He didn’t pass it off as “no comment” or “I won’t comment on rumours” or nothing at all. He faced up to things.

    That’s courage, no matter how you put it.

  2. No it’s not.


    In an interview with Sun after the paper confronted him with evidence that he had used a gay chatline…

    Same article:

    The party president, who had denied he was gay twice in the last 10 days

    So he lies, then he lies again and then – when faced with a public outing from The Sun – he stands up. Who the hell wouldn’t stand up in that case ?
    Courage would be not lying in the first place.
    He was forced out of his closet – he didn’t choose any aspect of this.
    What he did attracts contempt not even the faintest of praise.

  3. If a child lied to your face twice and then only admitted guilt when presented with a photograph of the misdeed, would you call that ‘courage’ ?

    No.. I would call that an attempt at politics. 🙂

    Identifying the path of least least resistance (lying) until such time as a back-step is required.

    If he indeed had courage – he would have embraced it [his lifestyle choice] and called on others to step up to the plate. That would be courage.

  4. I’ve not read the articles or whatever. But what I will say is that it’s tough to judge his courage if you’ve not experienced either coming out, or being outed.

    It’s not a *fun* experience.

    I wish the situation were that this was a non issue, that people wouldn’t put sexuality in any light as to his ability to govern. If sexuality was ignored like size of feet usually is. It’s just stuff… I’m sure we’re all are aware of why he might have hidden it.

  5. Cat – I am absolutely certain that is was not a fun experience, but I do think I have the right to question his use of the word ‘courage’

    I don’t mind what his sexuality is or is not, but this man stood as a “straight” politician, he repeatedly lied about himself and he did not choose the time or the manner of revealing the truth.

    Had he stated it, maybe when first asked a lot of years ago – fine.
    Had he come clean in the last few years when he was not under the spotlight – fine.
    He only did what he did because it was tell or be told on. that isn’t courage, it’s acting in the face of an ultimatum.

    And I’m not questioning his ability to govern, not at all. Every MP lies to us – but most wait until they get into govt before doing so in as blatant a fashion – but as a public do we really want to start agreeing that some lies are better than others ? He did lie and there is a price to pay for that regardless of what the lie might be for.

    And for someone who was not just in public life but who also sought the higher reaches, it wasn’t “just stuff” – it really is people like him who can help make sexuality less of an issue but he chose not to go there.

    I have no sympathy for him – though I bear him no ill-will either.

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