My dog turned pink!

Out last night, Winston had a Halti on – it’s a better way of controlling dogs that pull – and last night he really didn’t want it on. So he would put his head to the ground or bury it in the grass while using his paws to try and pull it off. He did that a few times. I’m about to go bed around 11pm and I see him – bumps on his legs, on his face, on his ears and aside from the top part, he was pink. Literally. Being close to midnight options were limited so I stayed up til 2am with him as he was at times frantic with whatever it was and by 2, he was finally asleep. This morning it appeared to be gone, but then 2 hours ago he exploded into bumps and lumps. His skin was a nasty shade of pink – looked raw. Phone call made to vets and we shot up there – interestingly it’s the only time he has ever jumped straight into the car. Very probably allergic reaction, so steroid injection, anthistamine injection and antihistamine tablets (piriton!). Oh, and £40 for the experience (when we took Winston to Dog training classes, the trainer warned us to expect lots of vets bills around £40-£44 because apparently pet insurance for most dogs kicks in at £45 – if that IS the case, then I wonder how much vets get in kickbacks ?). Anyway, pink-lad is back and should be better soon … we have further instructions if it does not go well.

Side-effect of that 2am stoppage though was that I managed to tidy everything online here. Tons of things deleted. No tracking code, contact forms removed from everywhere, things reworded – and I’m trying to summon the motivation to make the changes needed for 2.0 …. meh.

2 thoughts on “My dog turned pink!

  1. Poor Winston!

    If it comes back and there is some hair loss, it might be sarcoptic mites. The mites can transfer to humans, but not as quickly as fleas or ticks do.

    My sister’s dog got itchy red bumps and ultimately lost his all of his hair. Over several months her vet exhausted every possible test and treatment (big bucks!) until he finally wised up and tested for mites.

    It’s an inexpensive test and immediately showed the poor thing had sarcoptic mites. Sometimes I wonder if vets don’t do these tests first because they prefer to look for “expensive” problems instead.

  2. We used a halti on our dog because he was a terror for pulling, and he was strong enough to pull my sister into traffic. (er, and my dad).
    He did the same thing, head to the ground, scrabbling with paws. He really hated it.

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